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I love being in front of the camera. And even more, I enjoy knowing that people get turned on watching me move on their screen. Dive into my world of adult films and enjoy a variety of sexy smut and get an impression of the many different ways I like to have fun.

If you are a producer or performer and interested in collaborating, feel free to send me a message via the contact form - I am generally always interested in new projects and contacts.



A steamy & hot encounter with Paulita Pappel and Bishop Black in the mist of a sauna. Watching the two fuck I couldn't help it but touch myself. By Poppy Sanchez, filmed at the legendary KitKat Club in Berlin. 

Watch "Moist" here.

sex work is work

Feminist and radical sex worker Maria Riot books the services of a fellow sex worker. Not only are we getting intimate in the bedroom, but we also talk about the realities of sex work. Part of a series by director Erika Lust. 

Watch "Sex Work is Work" here.


Chemo darkroom

A tale of the process of reclaiming one's body and sexuality after going through chemotherapy. The film includes a sweaty scene with the compellingly sexy Bishop Black and me in the darkroom of a Berlin club. By Harvey Rabbit.

the reverence

Smoking hot orgy beautifully captured with artistic cinematography.  One of my most favourite shoots - not just because of the breathtaking end result but also because of the joyful mood on set, which definitely reflects in the sensuality of the film.  Starring Bishop Black,  Lina Bembe, Maria Riot, Dwam and Vex Ashley. By A Four Chambered Heart. 

Watch "The Reverence" here.


gender bender

Black & white movie with Kali Sudhra and I as a couple who is getting bored dating within the heteronormative framework. So we transform into lustful, gender-bending queer creatures, go on a date with electricity in the air as if it was the first and end up in bed. Amazing queer sex shot in beautiful cinematic images. Directed by Erika Lust.

Watch "Gender Bender" here.

cummie undies

Sensual and kinky scene involving lots of kissing, teasing, feetplay and me cumming on underwear. Filmed for Davey Wavey's project which encourages the viewer to explore own ways of sexual expression. 

Watch "Cummie Undies" here.

ChloƩ - l'embrasement

Feature film by french director Ovidie with Lina Bembe as main character on her search for her own female pleasure. Including a dreamlike pansexual orgy with Misungui, Doryann Marguet, Lucy Heart, Dante Dionys, Parker Marx and Lina Bembe. Also featured in the film: Marcus Quillan, Alice Axx, Molly Saint Rose and Rico Simmons. 

Watch "ChloƩ" here.

The bike club

Another highlight by director Poppy Sanchez with an absolute dreamcast: Finn Peaks, Jasko Fide, Le Roy, Maria Riot and me. On a hot and sweaty summer day the queer bike gang chases me through the streets and lures me into their bike shop, to then tie me up, tease me and unfold a blissful orgy right in front of my eyes. Will they let me be a part of it?

Watch "The Bike Club" here.