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Have you had a fantasy for a long time that you cannot wait to fulfill? Or you are not quite sure yet, but your curious mind is open to many directions? Do you crave satisfaction without any ties attached or would you like to spend some more quality time together to get to know each other better? We can meet at yours or mine, a hotel or a dungeon, spend our time privately or go out together. There are plenty of possibilities and we have the freedom and luxury of setting our own boundaries. I am based in Berlin but am able to travel internationally. Maybe I will visit your city some day but I certainly am always happy about honest invitations or even vacation together.

 Whatever we decide to do with our time, I guarantee you that I will meet your desires with full respect and attention. To encounter your multifaceted kinky and passionate lover or master, have a look at these options and let me know about your needs in a message. To make the booking process easy for both of us, please provide me with information on time, length, place and nature of our date.


boyfriend experience


I am a quite sensual person who appreciates being in good company. Intimacy is clearly not only physical but also how we relate to each other. Meeting me you can be sure to have a shoulder to lay your head on, arms that hold you when you just want to let go. A conversational partner with wit, humour and charm who is listening to you. A compassionate lover who is willing to take care of your needs.

But I don't only enjoy getting lost together between bed sheets, also going out together, exploring vibrant cultures and nightlife, tasting delicious drinks and dishes, traveling places. I am sure there are plenty of ways how we can enjoy our time together. 




bdsm experience


One of the great aspects of the human mind are the multifaceted kinks and desires we develop. I want you to get closer to the edge then you would have ever expected and I would be proud to hold your hand and take you there. Just like a ride in a roller coaster - you get in knowing it will be wild, turbulent, maybe scary but surely fun and in the end, you will leave in safety with a smile on your face and your heart still racing. 

If I want to (and got your consent) I can be quite a sadist and aggressively take what I want from you. But I also can be nurturing and caring. Why not get creative and bring these sides together? Tease and torture you with a smile on my face. Getting worshipped warm-heartedly is as much of a pleasure to me as being your cold-blooded master, teaching you a lesson on how to be a good sub. 


group dynamics


Sometimes two is just not enough. I am glad and proud to have other amazing companions around me who can join us for some quality time. You can watch us, you can join us. Ever thought about all the possibilities when there is more of us? It truly is exciting. 

Each one of my friends is a unique gem and I am always excited when they bring in their own individual dynamic. Of course every one of them has their own personal skills, boundaries and preferences as well. 

If you are interested in getting together, it is important that you give me as much detail as possible, as coordinating and planning for others takes time and energy - and I want to be reliable towards you and my friends. 



some beautiful friends:


Bishop Black

Kali Sudhra

Phaedra Verre

Freya Alvar

Parker Marx